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By Melville Thomas Architects

On 12, Mar 2015 | In | By Melville Thomas Architects


Parking Garage Phase 2
VA Medical Center
Washington, District of Columbia

The addition of three (3) new parking tiers on top of three (3) existing below and at-grade tiers to support patient and visitor parking needs at the VA Medical Center in Northwest Washington, DC. The additional tiers will integrate with the internal flow of the existing garage facility and will provide an additional 325 parking spaces at three levels above grade. Tim Haas and Associates provided the functional planning and structural engineering and advised on the technical details associated with the development of a pre-cast parking structure.

The VA was interested in exploring design options that mitigated the impact of the exposed sloping ramps on the south side of the garage, facing the main entry to the hospital complex. As envisioned a “stand-off” perforated metal all will screen these conditions with a gentle curve built into the bottom of the screen and lit at night to provide additional interest. In the process of developing the screen wall design the VA expressed an interest in solar panels and several screen options included custom panels based on the southern exposure. Currently the VA is not moving forward with the solar panel option, for procurement reasons, but the exploration provided an additional justification for the screen wall.

The final build-out will incorporate another three (3) tiers and a continuation of the screen wall concept. This was verified in the phase 2 design phase so that the finished garage will look right based on the phase 2 exterior design concept.

Anticipated Completion: September 2016
Client: VA Medical Center, Washington DC
Cost: $7.6 M