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In Thoughts

By Melville Thomas Architects

From the Architect’s notebook.

On 21, Aug 2013 | In Thoughts | By Melville Thomas Architects

  • Architecture comes from desire, not necessity.
  • There is no bad color, only bad use of color.
  • Form does not exist without light.
  • Scale is relative.
  • Architecture embraces the unexpected.
  • There is no view without edges.
  • Creative people are good at re-defining a problem.
  • Most people look at a chair and see the chair. A creative person looks at a chair and sees what is around the chair.
  • Who needs a 9,600 s.f. house?
  • A line of trees doesn’t divide, it connects.
  • There is energy in a curve.
  • Whether an answer is right or wrong depends on how you look at the question.
  • An Engineer looks for the best answer while an Architect looks for many best answers.
  • Anyone can draw as long as the eyes and brain are engaged.
  • Symmetry is not always symmetrical.
  • Structure is not just columns and beams.
  • Architects make buildings. Landscape Architects make magic.
  • Whether something is big or little is relative.
  • A small sign may display a more powerful message than a big sign.
  • Architect’s deal in ones or threes, but not twos.
  • If you think a good work of architecture is expensive then try to imagine the cost of something that is worthless.
  • What would the Parthenon look like if the marble columns were made of fiberglass?
  • If there were nothing good then how would you know what is bad?
  • You are fooling yourself if you think vinyl siding looks like wood. So why is it made to look like wood?
  • A trained eye can identify a snap in window mullion from 100 yards away. They really don’t fool anybody.
  • A real shutter casts a shadow. A fake shutter doesn’t.
  • There is no excuse for mediocrity.