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In Thoughts

By Melville Thomas Architects

What makes good project management?

On 09, Sep 2012 | In Thoughts | By Melville Thomas Architects

Our overall project management principles include:

  • We believe in communicating clearly and consistently.
  • We set realistic goals and monitor them regularly.
  • We develop real schedules and expect real results.
  • We know the “action points” and we act on them.
  • We look at quality assurance as an on-going exercise, not the end of a phase.
  • We work to exceed expectations.

Consistent, timely, and accurate communications is the most difficult aspect of project management. We believe in stating the goals for our points of interaction, listening carefully, summarizing the highlights, assigning actions points and follow up responsibilities, and getting a clear agreement from all parties that they understand what will happen next and what they are responsible for. We monitor these action points very carefully for compliance, knowing that in many cases it is constant cajoling that gets desired results.

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It is our job to lead a consultant team. This starts by establishing clear lines of communication, well defined goals, and a reasonable schedule. Information about the project, and in particular the Owner’s needs flow through us as a way of maintaining control over the process. We are the single point of contact for the Owner in matters relating to the consultants’ work.

We know what the action points are for a project and we articulate these clearly. Follow through on the steps needed to complete the required actions is an on-going process and part of the “Get It Done” attitude that differentiates our project management. We find that the final product, in many cases, is not as important as defining the process of getting to it. We are goals oriented and process driven.